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Smurfit Stone Building
150 N. Michigan Ave.

Smurfit Stone Building

2001 NB

This sporty little number completes an eclectic collection on the northwest corner of Grant and Millennium Parks, nestled between the classical columns of the Chicago Cultural Center, the cone-topped Two Prudential, and the plain boxes of Prudential headquarters and the AON Center. The roof slants to a corner peak in the same way the parks reach a corner at the building's door. At night the diamond outline of the building's roof is one of the most noticeable features of the city's skyline. According to Wendella Boat tour guides, at one point the building had a state-of-the-art heated roof to keep snow from piling up; unfortunately it only funneled water to the street below where it froze and imperiled pedestrians. -NB

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-Picture by Dawn Mikulich


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