Marx Brothers House
4512 S. King Dr.

Marx Brothers House
2001 NB
Before the Marx Brothers--Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo and Gummo--were yukking it up in Animal Crackers, Duck Soup and other comedy classics, they were making the rounds of Chicago vaudeville during World War I. Their act was called "The Six Musical Mascots" and included their Aunt Hannah. During their stint in Chicago, the brothers lived here in their parents' townhouse on what was then Grand Boulevard. I wrote about this building in a story for a Chicago Tribune series on the city's endangered historical buildings. One matter that may have been unclear due to the editing of the story is why this house was not included on the official city survey of historical buildings. When I interviewed the chief surveyor about the building, he seemed to be unaware of the history of this home, saying that his crew had investigated a popular claim that the Marx Brothers lived in a house farther south, a claim that proved to be false. Since then other city historians were able to confirm that this was the Marx house, and a Chicago Tribute marker now stands in front of it on what is now King Drive.  -NB

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