Kennedy-Nixon Debate
630 N. McClurg Ct.

CBS Studios

2003 NB

Adapted from my January 15, 2003 article on endangered buildings in the Chicago Tribune:
Oozing charisma, a young U.S. Senator named John F. Kennedy outshone a haggard-looking Vice President Richard M. Nixon in the first-ever televised presidential debate, held here at CBS studios on September 26, 1960. The debate, along with three subsequent broadcasts held elsewhere, was a seminal moment in American history, not only propelling Kennedy into the White House, but also foreshadowing an era in which television would leave an indelible mark on the  presidency. Now the building, which was built in 1924 as a horse stable for the Chicago Riding Club, faces an uncertain future. WBBM TV, the local CBS affiliate, is likely to move to another home, a spokesman for the station said. That would leave the building's future in the hands of a buyer. The camera that was pointed at Kennedy in the 1960 debate (pictured at left) is on display at Chicago's Museum of Broadcast Communications.

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