311 South Wacker
311 S. Wacker Dr.

311 S. Wacker

2001 NB
If you can't be the tallest building on the skyline, you may as well be the brightest. The crown of 311 S. Wacker lights up the night sky with so much intensity--nearly 2,000 flourescent tubes' worth--that it manages to compete for attention across the street from the world famous Sears Tower (from which this picture was taken). 311 S. Wacker is the sixth tallest building in the city, and--in the category of obscure bragging rights--the tallest unnamed building in the world. It was initially meant to draw attention not only for is luminosity, but for its quantity; there were going to be two others just like it, but the money never materialized. When I talked to Blair Kamin about this building, he said it's probably a good thing; 311 is a strong member of the skyline, enlivening an otherwise flat and plain region south of the Sears--but triplets would be overkill.  -NB

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